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Major League Baseball (MLB) Opening Day Review - 2021

With the Major League Baseball (MLB) opening day slated for a week from today, I find no better method to peak my interest (other than tossing the ball outside) for the new season than watching my favorite baseball films. While opening day isn't a calendar holiday, I can watch these five films year-in-year-out to prepare myself for the start of a new MLB season. Anchored by phenomenal performances from Chadwick Boseman (Jackie Robinson) and Harrison Ford (Branch Rickey), "42" is my favorite baseball movie produced to this date. Boseman's inspiring and courageous performance of Robinson gives viewers an insight to the struggles black men faced breaking into "white baseball" and the countless acts of hate and segregation they encountered in 1947 (Robinson's first appearance in Major League Baseball). Additionally, Harrison Ford's stardom doesn't distract from the civil and emotional weight of the film. The genius of "42" is its ability to