Favorite Feature Films of 2021

Directed by: Lisa Joy
Written by: Lisa Joy
Warner Bros. Pictures, Kilter Films, FilmNation Entertainment, Michael De Luca Productions

Set in the not-to-distant future of a flooding Miami, private investigator Nick Bannister, developed a machine that allows people to re-experience their memories. When Bannister is called upon to use his machine for a criminal investigation, he unlocks a deeper, more personal mystery.

Directed by: Denzel Washington
Written by: Virgil Williams
Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Outlier Society, Mandy Lane Entertainment, Escape Artists, Bron Studios, Creative Wealth Media

Before he’s killed while serving in Baghdad, 1st Sgt. Charles Monroe uses the power of the written word (a journal) to communicate with his son. A guide to how to live a virtuous life rooted in love.

Directed by: Sian Heder
Written by: Sian Heder
Apple TV+, Vendôme Pictures, Pathé Films

Born into an all-deaf family, Ruby Rossi must learn how to live her own life while balancing the deep love she has for her family.

Directed by: Sam Levinson
Written by: Sam Levinson
Netflix, Little Lamb, FotoKem

When a filmmaker and his girlfriend return home from one of his movie premiers, through her posing a simple question, the fabric of their relationship begins to unravel. Exploring the very basis for why we argue.

Directed by: Reinaldo Marcus Green
Written by: Zach Baylin
Warner Bros. Pictures, Westbrook Studios, Star Thrower Entertainment, Keeping’ It Real

The uplifting story of how icons Venus and Serena Williams, through the unconventional coaching from their father, broke into one of the most guarded sports in the United States.

Directed by: Edgar Wright
Written by: Edgar Wright, Krysty Wilson-Cairns
Focus Features, Film4 Productions, Perfect World Pictures, Working Title Films, Complete Fiction Pictures

When an aspiring fashion designer mysteriously discovers a way to discover the 1960s, she appears to have struck gold. However, as she spends more and more time in the past, her dreams and nightmares begin to merge.

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Written by: Tony Kushner
20th Century Studios, Amblin Entertainment, TSG Entertainment

Set amongst a modern backdrop, WEST SIDE STORY explores clashes of cultures and chips away at the question, what’s hope without love?

Directed by: Mike Mills
Written by: Mike Mills
A24, Be Funny When You Can

A radio journalist traveling around the world, interviews kids about their thoughts on the world and their future. When his estranged sister calls in a favor, a whole new perspective of family and community arises.


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